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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Metal Roofing and Building Supplies Pty Ltd (MRBS) - ABN 82 146 513 797

Welcome to MRBS online which provides you with the opportunity to browse this website and use it on the Terms and Conditions as stipulated below.

A. Definitions

  1. Seller means Metal Roofing and Building Supplies Pty Ltd (MRBS) whilst accessing this website.
  2. Customer or Buyer means the person/s buying goods through accessing this website whereby an invoice or any document has been issued to the customer which may include the customer in the plural i.e. customers jointly or severally.
  3. Goods means all goods and services supplied or provided at the Customers Request.
  4. Price means price payable including any GST payable for the Goods and Services provided to the Customer.

B. Acceptance of the Terms

By entering this site and using it to purchase or browse as intended, you accept the Terms and Conditions by continuing to use this site and remaining on it. The Customer also accepts that Orders for Goods and/or Services provided are subject to availability and the Seller reserves the right to decline the order, substitute the product with a comparable product and vary the price accordingly if necessary without liability of the Seller should the requested product or service is no longer available or out of stock. Further any advice, recommendation or service provided is done so in good faith by the Seller and it will not accept any responsibility for that recommendation or advice.

C. Website Ordering

The Seller cannot accept any responsibility for the performance of the Website which may be the result of many factors. Online Ordering is often subject to virus attacks and electronic malfunctions etc. and the Seller will do all in its power to maintain and update the site as needed in order to maintain performance. There are inherent problems in terms of distribution associated with the use of Website Ordering and the Seller cannot guarantee delivery or performance. The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order without penalty to the Customer due to supply or any other issues.

D. Use of the Website and/or the Ordering System

  1. In order for the Seller to supply the goods and/or services available for sale certain information is required prior to the Customer being able to proceed details of which follows below. When these details are supplied it is understood that the Customer agrees that these details are supplied the purpose of supplying goods or services by the Seller and the Customer knowing that this information will only be used by the Seller for the purpose that it was intended.
    1. Contact details i.e. Phone Number and Email address
    2. Full Name and Address of the Customer whether it be a Business and/or Individual Person
    3. If a Business an ABN number is required and GST Details
    4. Delivery Address for the Transport/Postage.
    5. Credit Card Details for Payment and delivery
  2. You Warrant that the information being supplied will be accurate and correct at the time of the transaction.
  3. You agree that you are a person who is over the legal age limit of 18 years of age authorized to conduct such a transaction and that you are not an undischarged bankrupt.
  4. You agree that you will not use this website to download any information without the consent of the Seller other than for the purchase of products or services available for sale by the Seller on this Website.
  5. MRBS and its’ Directors, Officers and/or employee’s to the extent possible under the law in Australia or the State of NSW does not accept liability to any person or corporation for any loss incurred as a result of goods supplied by the Seller whether it be direct, indirect or otherwise in the use of this website and/or the products and services supplied. This is also extended to products supplied by third parties, companies or organizations and MRBS does not make any guarantees on behalf of those supplier’s or their goods.
  6. The Customer must rely on their own investigation and adequacy for any product’s being purchased through this website and should research fit for purpose use of the products making their own judgment before purchase.

E. Delivery

You acknowledge that the Seller uses third party delivery companies for purchases made through this website and cannot guarantee this service. You should ensure that these products are supplied and you should satisfy yourself that there is appropriate insurance for damage or loss in transit products depending on the nature of the product being purchased and delivered. Should you experience difficulties in the delivery of products, please contact the Seller in the first instance.

F. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

All products, services provided and material contained on this website are subject to copyright under the Laws of Australia. Unless otherwise advised all content in relation to this website and material thereon are owned or controlled by MBRS. All rights, title or interest in this website and related content from third parties are owned and controlled by MRBS or its associated and approved suppliers.

G. Privacy

MRBS takes your privacy seriously and information and details of the transactions you may make through this website are subject to the Seller’s privacy Policy and available at your request.

H. General Disclaimer

You acknowledge that MRBS the Seller does not make warranties, claims, guarantees, representation’s or state any conditions whatsoever regarding the Services or Products it’s making available for sale through this website other than that provided pursuant to these terms. The seller will make every effort to ensure any product made available through this website is depicted accurately as to its performance properties and fit for purpose.

I. Governing Law

It is agreed when using this website that these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia and any dispute, claim or possible proceedings are subject to the laws of New South Wales, Australia.